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Digital marketing practitioner

I’m more passionate about digital marketing in digital marketing. I’m good at content writing and social media marketing. Whatever I’m learning on my daily basis first I’ll apply on my blogs, and then I’ll be sharing here it’s learn apply share ( LAS ) formula which helps me a lot learned from digital Pratik. So it may help you also from scratch whatever query you’ve feel free to ask us. I will be grateful to help you.


    My Full name – Himanshu purohit from Chennai 20y/o aspiring digital marketing practitioner but to become this I had faced a lot of struggles till now still facing.

Before coming into this, I was CA std four times failed in CA exams but due to some reason I’ve dropped the CA course during CA course I got interested in becoming a content writer started my first website as CHANGETHETHINKING.COM  which is blocked by Google due to my lack of knowledge in writing. And after a few months again I created a website called HPTECHWORLD.COM even this website got blocked.

After dropping CA just after a month, I started going job as an accountant saved few month salaries and joined digital marketing course paid fees on my own.

And this is how I get into digital marketing field but got busy in the job not able to focus on the digital area then one of my friend Abhishek  Jain – hackers den founder after I met him my life changed completely.

He motivated me a lot to start my career again in the digital field. Then back I created this website called DIGITALPUROHIT.COM  after entering into this field, many people helped me.

Vaibhav Ranglani – Motivational speaker, Nizom Baruah – Mindset manager, digital Pratik – I think I don’t need to mention who he is this name itself is a brand Just search this name on Google you’ll know it, Roshan Samuel ambler – Digital marketer, Lokesh Agarwal  – Personal branding.

These people helped me a lot until now. I’m grateful to have such people as my mentor. A journey of 4 times CA failure to aspiring digital marketer so many struggles, failures, criticism, problems, etc..

It seems easy, but it’s not. So continuing the job as an accountant and as a side hustle focusing on digital marketing. Guys remember one thing never give up on your dreams converting your dreams into reality it’s in your hand keep hustling, hardworking. But once you give up your goals will be dreams forever.

Thanks for reading about me and I hope now you know something about me. So guys keep following us more valuable content on digital marketing, coding, sales etc… If any query you’ve to feel free and ask us.

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