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So today’s topic little different right? Yes, it is. I thought of writing some different things so I can figure out what I love most. Most probably I’m going to write about technology products so I can give my review based on that particular product. And I’ll also write on digital marketing contents.

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Today I thought of writing about one of the most trending product MI Earphones we’ve heard somewhere that MI earphones are not that good, it becomes useless just after warranty periods. So will give you a proper review on it you should purchase or not.

1. Product Introduction:

According to research, MI Earphones are basically designed for Indians because Indians want everything in easy manner they don’t like complicated things.

Which is difficult for them to understand and to use so MI has made these earphones which is easy to use for everyone. MI has made in such a way that giving that what they were looking for –

Ultra-deep bass and tangle-free wires, MI Earphones come with volume control button and mic. It also has a 90-degree L connector benefit of this 90-degree connector is whenever you plug in earphones you can rotate in any direction you like.

  • MI Earphones are Ultra-deep bass with high-quality silicone earbuds.
  • Powerful 10mm drivers
  • HD clear sound
  • In-line microphone – Play/Pause music/ change tracks and ANS/END your calls.
  • Passive noise Isolation – Means it covers your ears with very high sounds and reduces the level of sound. ( It’s like you’re covering your hands )

2. In-depth of a product:

  • High-quality sound at the touch of your fingertips – the metal sound chamber of it’s manufactured through a 20-step process, produces excellent sound quality. The wire of earphones is made with easy access to volume and calls.
  • It’s 3rd gen balanced damping improves airflow to deliver the sound for front and back chambers. Customer should get a high-quality sound keeping this in mind MI earphones produces vivid stereo effects and a transparent and well-balanced sound.
  • Fine, detailed 0.14mm grains add a textured metallic luster similar to CD discs.
  • It included some part of CNC technology that integrated diamond cut finish with up to 0.01mm precision that creates a delicate touch.
  • After around 700 reliability tests this product actually tested as for outstanding quality, vibration, heat and loading tests that based real-life scenarios with this high and low temperature also tests its performance and durability.

3. Customer Reviews: ( Good )

Well to be honest the audio is good but not better than JBL. But if you use equalizer the audio comes out great. The USP I felt of these earphones is that these are very durable, the wire is thick and strong enough and the earpieces are made out of metal which looks and feels strong enough.
Well in this price range I have used all the earphones including the JBL C100SI, the Sennheiser CX180, The house of Marley Smile Jamaica even the Boat ones. This is the best you can get if you want Durability. But if you want better audio quality, go for the JBL ones. I posted because I felt I should share this information as I have used all of the earphones in this price range.

I have used the cheaper 399 earphones from MI before I misplaced them. I loved those. I decided to get the pricey 699 option. And I don’t regret my decision at all. Let me first qualify – I use this with my OnePlus 6 – yeah the last one which had a headphone jack. I prefer using wired ones for taking long calls. And this is just perfect. Call me old-fashioned. I do own many BT headsets as well (which I love) but the simplicity of a wired headset cannot be beaten. Are there better options out there? Yeah probably yes. Like Skullcandy, JBL etc. But I had my reasons for choosing this over others. And this review will list those reasons. What did I like/love:- Overall built quality & finishing is fantastic. I took the Silver over black because the silver polish shows well & contrasts nicely with the black wire. The frosted polish & metal looks classy- The kevlar wire feels very reassuring and casual yanks will not lead to damage- The 3.5mm jack is angled at 90 degrees. This makes it easier to use & the plug isn’t just jutting out once connected- The sound quality of course. This might be subjective to most people. But I found the sound signature neutral by default. However, if you have a device which supports EQ, then these can pump out very decent levels of bass. Voice clarity is solid. You will find other customers complaining since, by default, these earphones are neutral. But with a bit of adjustment, the neo-dynium drivers are fairly capable. The inline controls are really nice. Volume up/down and a primary action button for call receive/cancel. The metal finish around it is also very nice. The buttons are clicky with ample feedback. The mic picks up voice very well. And it works perfectly on MacBooks.

What could have been improved?
– Tangle-free cable. It does not tangle as much as other earphones. But it’s not without problems of its own. Occasionally it gets tangled
– A clip would have been nice to keep these in place. Especially if you want to use just the right earplug.
– The packaging is basic but clean. Not a complaint. But it feels a little less premium.

Overall – for 699, it might feel pricey given BT earphones are costing around this price now (cheap entry-level ones). But what you get is great quality & durability. In my opinion, these are fantastic & will last a long time. Listening to music is also a pleasure. I am glad I bought these.

Customer Review: ( Bad )

This is not as per value and expectations. JBL CS100 is far batter. No such bass effect, watching movies is worst you need to keep on pressing ear beard to ear to get voice clear. There is no such feature call noise cancellation it’s only on paper. Want to switch JBL again
I’ve mi phone still it’s not reaching its standards.

I bought 2 earphones.
One I used it and 1 I just kept without using for some reason.
Exactly after a year, 1 earpiece stopped working.
So I took out the other one. You can see in the picture, it’s swelling. It’s melting. Ughhh

4. Frequently asked questions:

I personally referred all questions and I’ve picked some questions which might help you also. There are many questions so decided to put only selected ones.

Question: This Headphone support to honor 9I?

Answer: It’ll serve anything with a 3.5mm jack. ( Except Sony Ericsson phones )

Question: Does it works with coolpad note 3 lite?

Answer: Of course It will definitely work and it will work with every 3.5mm audio jack don’t worry

Question: Is this support for iPhone 8 plus & lava A3?

Answer: yes if mobile has 3.5 mm jack

Question: Is this have google assistant?

Answer: Yes


One simple logic of our Indians whenever we go for purchase we purchased the products based on long terms. I don’t think so that MI Earphones will work for the long run. Maximum it will work around 1.5yrs – 2yrs so if you want to purchase this then remember though it has good features, quality etc.. It will work for only 1.5yrs – 2yrs otherwise it totally depends on you that how you maintain products if your maintenance is good then it may work more than 2yrs.

So if you want to know more about this product or purchase this product then you can see here – MI Earphones

Thank you for reading our article, please share your feedback and stay tuned for more.

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